Hypothermia Safety Tips...


Tips About Hypothermia


Hypothermia results from exposure to low temperatures, wind and moisture over a period of time.  It can occur on the ski hill, in a car, falling in water that is cold or anywhere else where these factors exist that cause the body temperature to falls below normal.  As a parent you need to be aware of the causes and symptoms of hypothermia in children as well as other adults and know what to do when you suspect hypothermia.   For older children and teenagers, it is also important educate them.   When conditions exist to pose a risk of hypothermia be observant and seek medical attention immediately if you suspect or observe any symptoms which can include:

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should get the person to a warm, dry place as soon as possible, remove any wet clothing and seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.  NEVER RUB THE SKIN.  Bundling in a blanket will help keep heat in.  An always soothing parent/child cuddle will help warm up the child and also bring comfort to both.